Fundraising Guide

Thank you for choosing to raise money for this incredibly important cause! Here you will find some tips and ideas to get you or your group’s fundraising efforts started. These methods of fundraising are by no means the only ways you can go about raising money, they are simply ideas that have worked in the past. If you come up with a new idea and would like to share it, please email us. For Detailed instructions on how to use Everyday Hero please visit this link ​ All team or individual's donations must be tracked with this form and turned into Mr. Long by April 1st.

  1. Ask family members for donations -Because you can directly donate online, you can email relatives both near and far and ask them to donate in your team’s name on our website  --- you’d be surprised by people’s generosity!
  2. Ask community members for donations -As Cure4Cam is a local organization with support from many community members, you will likely be able to get sizable donations by asking your neighbors to donate -- grab an envelope or bucket and knock on your neighbor’s doors, every donation will contribute to your goal!
  3. Go canning -Unfortunately this year we have many restrictions on how we can actually go about canning. You can only can from sidewalks within shopping center parking lots. You cannot can at intersections, traffic lights, or from sidewalks alongside major roadways.However we are able to can for donations outside of the Eagleview Rita’s and the Lionville Applebees. Contact Mr. Long if interested in pursuing these opportunities, we will be posting a sign up for canning outside these restaurants very soon (first come, first serve sign ups)Feel free to ask local businesses if you can outside of their establishments. The businesses that you cannot can outside of are: Target, Wawa, Home Depot, PJs, Anthony’s Pizza, Wegmans, Chik-Fil-A, and AC Moore. Please let us know if you find new local businesses that will let you can outside of their buildings.
  4. Organize special dining outings at local restaurants -Many local restaurants offer special fundraising opportunities where they will donate a portion of their revenue from a particular night to your Cam-A-Thon team. These restaurants include, but are not limited to: Chik-fil-a, PJ’s in Downingtown, Chipotle, Snap Pizza, and Applebees. Simply call one of these restaurants, ask for a manager, and then ask if you can set up one of these dining fundraisersIf you set up one of these fundraising outings please let us know about! We can advertise for you on official Cam-A-Thon social media!
  5. Set up a car wash fundraiser at a local restaurant / business​.  Call in to local businesses and see if you and your team (and perhaps another team of friends) can host a carwash on their premises