Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I get information and updates on the night of Cam-A-Thon?

A: This year, we are starting something new! We will be using Remind to send out any and all important information throughout the night.  Information such as the beginning of ceremonies and different events will be sent using remind, so make sure you have your portable charger and phone handy throughout the night!  For directions on how to sign up, click here.

Q: Can I leave early from Cam-A-Thon?

A: Yes, you can leave early from the event, however when you register you must note this.  If you have already registered and did note make note of this, please email No one will be permitted to leave early unless either of these precautions are taken.

Q: Do I have to stand all night?

A: Actually, no, you don’t!  Also in the registration, there is an option to pledge or not pledge to stand all night.  If you would like to change your option or are not sure what you selected, email us!

Q: How do I raise money?

A: For fundraising, we use a website called EverydayHero where you can make donations on the page, or log physical money that is raised.  All paper money can be handed in on the night of or to Mr Long in room A123 if you go to STEM.

Q: Do I have to dance all night?

A: No, of course not!  In addition to dancing, we have many other activities to do, including human hungry, hungry, hippos, 3v3 basketball, frisbee, Kanjam, Spikeball, Volleyball, Bouncy House races, and ultimate football.  To view the full schedule, click here.

Q: Where will everything be located at USTC?

A: A map of USTC and our events can be located here.

Q: Will there be food and drinks or should I bring my own?

A: This year, we will have plenty of food generously donated by many kind families.  The only drinks that we will have, however are large gatorade coolers of water, so it is mandatory that everyone brings an empty water bottle to stay hydrated!

Q: Where should I enter USTC?

A: For check-ins, all participants must enter in the doors shown in the photo.  NO ONE will be permitted to enter through the front entrance of USTC if you wish to participate!

F: What if I am not a DASD student and I want to participate?

A: We welcome everyone in high school in the area to participate!  Our only requirement is that you complete the DASD out of district dance form and return it on the night of the event when you check in.  A school administrator’s signature is mandatory.  **The STEM student area of the form does not need to be completed, just your own information.